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How to Purchase Dexta

How to Purchase

In the USA and Canada most Dexta products are sold direct to the end user.

For International sales we use a distribution network.

In remote areas of the world where we do not have distributors, we will sell direct to the end user.

For More Information, Contact a Dexta Representative:

For USA and Canada
Call Toll Free:


For International Sales Call:

+1 707-255-2454

Dexta Corporation
962 Kaiser Road
Napa, CA 94558
Phone: 707 255-2454
Fax: 707 255-8520

Why We Sell Direct in the USA and Canada

We Previously Sold Products Through a Dealer Network...

And what we found was that many dealers lacked the knowledge to effectively match the correct equipment with the doctor's needs and personal style. So we often ended up dealing directly with the doctors.

We learned that the best way to satisfy our customers was to sell direct through our own factory-trained sales technicians.

Our sales technicians spend a year in training before they are qualified to handle all of the different specialty fields. Since a doctor often keeps their equipment for the life of the practice, the assistance of a qualified, knowledgeable technician (to correctly identify the proper choice) is extremely important.

Keeping Prices Affordable

Another reason Dexta sells direct is because it allows us to manufacture and distribute our products at very affordable prices. If we sold our products through a dealer network, it would increase the price to the end user by approximately 30%.

In this modern era of internet communication and video demonstrations, it no longer makes sense to inflate the price of a product just to sell through a local dealer. The product still originates from the manufacturer – regardless of who sells it.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe that selling direct to the customer is the most effective method. With our trained sales technicians and affordable prices, our customers can be assured that they are not only receiving top quality equipment, but a product choice that will really work for them.

And that is why we have a better than 99% customer satisfaction rate.


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