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Lasik Surgery
Chair Features

-- ETL/CE Certified

– Electric back and toe articulation

– Electric vertical lift base (z axis)

– Electric right and left travel (x axis)

– Electric for and aft travel (y axis)

– Extendable headrest with lock

– Swivel system

– Hand control for entry/exit movement

– Joystick for precision xyz movement

– Choice of upholstery color

Safety Features

– Locked center position enables the hand control, which is used to move the patient forward and backwards on the chair. The joystick is locked out.

– When the chair is unlocked a warning buzzer sounds. When the chair is relocked the warning buzzer stops.

– A left and right locked position under the lasers enables the joystick. The hand control is locked out.

– Emergency stop button

XYZ Joystick Features

– Provides 3 axis variable speed control

– Jog function movement 1/3000" (.076 mm)

– X axis travel 4" (102 mm)

– Y axis travel 8" (203 mm)

– Z axis travel 4" (102mm)


– Various headrests to choose from

– Operator stool with arm mount for joystick

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The Dexta EXTO!

Dexta Corporation is proud to introduce you to their newest innovation – the EXTO chair.

The EXTO chair was designed to fill the growing need of doctors for a safe and stable Lasik surgery platform – with easy patient access and exit.

The EXTO chair is the first chair that enables the physician to blend the Femto and Excimer lasers together – into one smooth operation.

Dexta has always been the leader in patient positioning and the EXTO chair is no exception. The EXTO doesn't require a patient to climb to sit, to lift their feet or scoot into position. Here’s how it works:

Back to the laser position

Once the patient is seated, the hand-held controller allows the doctor to flatten the chair...

Back to the laser position

...and gently and quickly move the patient back to the lasers. Once the patient has been moved between the two lasers, the doctor moves to a sitting position at the patient's head.

Rotate to the first laser

The doctor depresses the foot pedal and the braking mechanism is released. The hand control is now disengaged and the chair emits a beeping sound as the patient is rotated 25 under the Femto laser. When the brake is re-engaged, the beeping noise stops and the joystick now controls the chairs movement.

Complete XYZ control

Using the joystick, the doctor now has complete XYZ control of the patient position – Up, down, side-to-side, forward and backward.

The joystick is proportional and variable-speed – it responds instantly to the doctor's hand movements.

It also features a jog function that moves the chair 1/3000 of an inch. It's the ultimate in precision patient positioning.

Rotate to the second laser

After the first laser operation is completed, the doctor releases the brake, rotates the chair through the 0 position to the opposite 25 position, under the Excimer laser.

The beeping sound stops when the brake is re-engaged. The doctor uses the joystick again to precisely position the patient under the Excimer laser and perform the second operation.

Out to chair entry/exit

With the procedure now complete, the brake is released and the chair is returned to the 0 position. The hand control becomes operative when the brake is engaged and...

Out to chair entry/exit

...the patient can now be quickly and safely moved away from the lasers and into an upright position for easy exit from the chair. As a safety feature, the chair will not incline when the patient is under either laser.

The New Dexta EXTO:

  • The EXTO is the ultimate in easy patient access and exit.
  • The EXTO is the first chair to blend two lasers into one smooth, efficient operation.
  • The EXTO's safety features minimize accidental movement, and,
  • The EXTO's XYZ joystick control is the ultimate in precision patient positioning.

Dexta. The ultimate in patient positioning. Since 1966.